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Exciting Website Changes!!

Spring is in the air (finally!) and it makes me want to clean things from top to bottom.  Railflyer is even getting a clean-up this year, in the form of a brand-new website.  I am very pleased with the changes that are going to happen with our site.  What will be changed?  Well, it will be easier to navigate; items that are on sale will be prominently noted as such; our blog will become integrated with our site; and you will be able to add a note to your order, if you wish.  These are just some of the changes that will happen.

During this time of transition for our website, unfortunately it will not be accessible.  I apologize for the inconvenience.  If you would like to place an order by phone, I am available any day from 9 am to 8 pm EST at 519-618-9297.  If I am unavailable, please leave a message with your name and number and I will contact you as soon as possible.  Thanks for your patience and the countdown is now on until we unveil our new website!!

Have a great weekend and happy modelling.

Posted by: railflyer | February 24, 2011

The BIG Boss is having a birthday this weekend!

The 27th of February is a big day in our house – at least, I make sure it is!!  Christopher was quite certain that birthdays weren’t really all that important, until he met me.  Birthdays are a big deal in my family and I have been slowly convincing Christopher of that.  So, to celebrate his 34th birthday we are offering free shipping from Friday, February 25th through Monday, February 28th. And just because I love to give gifts, if you place the 34th order this weekend (the countdown starts with the first order placed after this blog post is published) you will receive a $100 Railflyer Gift Certificate!!!!

So, get on over to Railflyer and have fun deciding what to order.  Have a great weekend!

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Production Sale

I am back!!  Our boys and I spent five weeks over Christmas visiting my parents and extended family on the East Coast.  We had a wonderful time and Christopher was able to join us for a few days in the midst of the Christmas rush of flying that he was involved in.  We arrived home on a Saturday and by early the next week both boys were sick and in the midst of playing nurse for them, I caught it.  I think we are finally starting to feel better, which is a huge relief.  I trust that the beginning to your New Year was much less eventful!

Christopher has been working very hard behind the scenes on our product line and I am pleased to announce that our product line is going to expand significantly over the next few months.  Also, the R & D on our drive is progressing nicely.  So you are probably wondering what our Production Sale is all about.   So I won’t keep you in suspense any longer …

Our Production Sale is in celebration of all of the products that are about to go into production for Railflyer in the next few weeks.  From tomorrow, Friday, February 4th through to Monday, February 7th, we are offering 10% off all items.  Use the discount code Production10 at checkout to access the sale.  Please note that the only exclusion is the purchase of gift certificates.  And as always, if you have any questions about what part numbers you need for a certain build, feel free to email Christopher at either christopher @ railflyermodelprototypes . com (remove spaces) or at contact _ us @ railflyermodelprototypes . com (remove spaces) with the railway name and locomotive series of your interest.

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R&D Promotion

6MM Drive Concept


Research & Development is a necessary investment for every company that delivers the latest technology or design concepts.  Railflyer is working hard to bring the best locomotive based product line to market in 1/87.1 scale. 
At present, we have released frame kits, fuel tanks, cabs, and many detail orientated components for our kits.  There is another group of products to start the hood and additional details, such as the handrails, in production right now.  We have funding applications in process to complete the locomotive kit tooling to about 80%.  This would give us the entire locomotive except for the drive and a few interior components.
Combining a stroke of luck and the desire to get the project done now has given us a reset on our drive concept.  We have sourced motors that will fit inside our scale traction motors and give enough power through prototypical placement to power our fleet with an entirely self-contained scale truck.  This leaves the entire hood area dedicated to weight, a FRA compliant LED based lighting system and the use of our new SK-8701 speakers.
We have recently designed two-wheel options using RP25 code 88 or P87 wheel-sets, as the new trucks will have the ability to use a floating suspension for P87 track.  We have also sourced our motors, defined specifications and put a game plan in place to get running prototypes done ASAP.  We have the ability at this point to get the truck R&D done quickly.  We can also start production on our trucks with the same level of pre-order support that we received on our stanchions and clean air rooms a few months ago so we don’t have to wait for a loan officer to say “yes”.
We need your support this week to provide enough capital to bring in the materials required to make the functioning prototype.  Machined wheels alone cost $20 each to prototype and we need 12 of each type.  We also have to machine gears, rapid prototype the truck side-frame and traction motors, and produce a PCB for light and motor control.
If you want to see a modular, researched and accurate locomotive kit for the prototype of YOUR choice, please help us now. 
We can get this done but we need you now!

Here are the R&D Promotion details:

  • Promo Code:  R&D
  • This promo code will give you 20% off of your entire order.  (Please note that this promo offer excludes the purchase of gift certificates).
  • The promotion is in effect from Jan. 11 (today) through Jan. 16 (Sunday) at midnight EST.

Thank you for your continued support,

Christopher J. Howard

President, Railflyer Model Prototypes Inc.

Posted by: railflyer | December 29, 2010

New Year’s Rockin’ Eve – Railflyer Style!

Let’s have a toast, shall we?  Here’s to an amazing year ahead of us.  May 2011 be full of many moments that will turn into great memories.  May we dedicate time for family, friends and modelling!

I am excited about what 2011 holds.  The beginning of a new year is always exciting to me.  It is like getting a new notebook for school and each page is crisp and clean.   To help us all celebrate the new year, we are having our own version of a New Year’s Rockin’ Eve!! 🙂

From Thursday, December 30th to Monday,  January 3rd we will be offering free shipping on all orders and we also have a discount code for 11% off of your entire order.  Use RockinRailflyer2011 to receive your discount.  As always,  the discount is not valid on gift certificates.

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Everyone loves a gift!

I know, I know – Christmas was on Saturday.  I love to give gifts and I have one more that I want to give you!  In a similar fashion to last Wednesday, every order over $25 (excluding taxes and shipping charges) placed tomorrow, Wednesday, December 29th will receive a free gift.

This week’s gift is a free package of pre-wired LED’s – 2 pack.  Every $50 increase in your order qualifies you for an additional package of 2 pack pre-wired LED’s.  Here are the details:

Order total

  • $25 – $74.99 = 1 free package of pre-wired LED’s – 2 pack
  • $75 – $124.99 = 2 free packages
  • $125 – $174.99 = 3 free packages
  • For every $200 of order value = 1 free package of pre-wired LED’s – 10 pack!!!

Let Christopher solder in your place and have some great pre-wired LED’s for your projects … don’t forget to place your order tomorrow.  There is no need to email me this week – your pre-wired LED’s will be included in your shipment for you.  Have a great day!

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Merry Christmas to you!

I trust that you are having a blessed holiday season.  I have two very excited little boys that are eagerly awaiting Christmas day.  This will be their third Christmas this year, as we have celebrated with various family members at different times.  They are little confused about when Christmas really is, but very excited nonetheless!!  To help celebrate this joyous time of year, we are having a Railflyer Christmas Sale.  Receive 25% off your entire purchase (excluding shipping & handling and the purchase of gift certificates) with the discount code MerryChristmas2010. This discount code is valid from Friday, December 24th through Monday, December 27th.

On behalf of Christopher, myself and our sons, I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  We appreciate your business and support over the last year and look forward to working closely with you in the New Year.

Posted by: railflyer | December 21, 2010

Our gift to you

How would you like a free package of jack pads or coupler plates of your choice?  Just place an order over $25 (excluding shipping and taxes) anytime tomorrow (Wednesday, December 22, 2010) and I will add a free package in with your order.  If your order qualifies, please email me at wendy @ (remove spaces) with your choice of jack pads or coupler plates.  Each $50 increment of your order qualifies you for another free package!  Here are the details:

$25 – $74.99 order = 1 free package of jack pads or coupler plates

$75 – $124.99 order = 2 free packages

$125 – $174.99 order = 3 free packages


Jack Pad and Coupler Plate options:

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Hello everyone,

We’ve received much improved samples for our two injection mould projects and they are both ready for the next phase of tooling and payment of additional deposits.  The next phase is geared towards improving the final appearance and qualities that make the product eye-catching and realistic.

We try very hard to bring out the best possible product, none of this is possible without support from the end-user and prototype modeller.

Stanchions – we started this project (DP 6150) this summer after an ill-fated attempt to use a new supplier for the injection mould tooling.  While we still have some hurdles to pass to clean up the mould and make a great product, you can see from the test shot, we’re well on our way.  The stanchions are going to moulded with ABS plastic for strength.  The top of the part will be cored from both sides which enable you to easily replicate the handrails with wire.  We have two wire handrail kits ready for production, more will follow these initial releases.

Clean Air Rooms – the tooling for the Clean Air Rooms was started in the late summer with a great sales effort from our supporters.  The Clean Air Room Base (MK5000) is an injection moulded product that enables you to layer photo-etch sides to replicate with exact detail, any GP35, GP38, GP39, GP40, GP15-1, GP38-2, GP39-2, GP40-2, GP50 and the late GP39-2 phases of Clean Air Room that were used by the ATSF.  Our other kit, (MK5001) is good for the SD family, SD38, SD39, SD40, SD45, SD38-2, SD40-2, and SD45-2.

All of these projects were made possible with the strong support of a few dedicated modelers this summer, please continue your efforts to use our products in your modelling and we will send more exciting products your way.

Christopher Howard
President, Railflyer Model Prototypes Inc.

Here are some additional images:





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Free Shipping Weekend

Give yourself a gift this holiday season with our free shipping weekend!  From now until Tuesday, December 21st all orders will receive free shipping.


Also, remember that we are now offering gift certificates.  Perfect for your loved one to surprise you with!!


Have a blessed holiday season.

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